Steve’s choice to continue NIV

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Steve’s choice to continue NIV

"Steve wanted to keep going with NIV, because he was enjoying the things he was doing at home"
- Mary, Steve's wife

This is a poignant video that some people may find upsetting.

Mary tells us about her husband Steve and how they managed his NIV in his last weeks. After Steve progressed to using NIV 24 hours a day his respiratory care team visited him often.

His nurse raised different options with him to plan his breathing support in his last days. Steve chose not to discuss this in depth. Mary recalls how he wanted to keep going with NIV, making the most of the time he had left.

Mary tells about some of the positive things that happened in his last few weeks, such as receiving an OBE for his work in social services. She describes Steve’s last few hours and how she and their daughter Chris cared for him.