Why consider using NIV?

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Why consider using NIV?

"It perks me up, like a booster, and I sleep better too"
- James

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is a treatment that supports breathing. The system includes: a machine that blows air under light pressure, a flexible tube and a face mask with a soft seal. The machine is also known as a BiPAP. You can read about this in Key Definitions.

Myth buster: NIV does not use oxygen, just normal room air under slight pressure.

People report benefits such as sleeping better and for longer, feeling more refreshed and energised in the day, and feeling more able to do things, such as daily tasks and hobbies.

There has been research done internationally on the impact of NIV. There is evidence that for the majority of people it increases quality of life. It can also add several months survival time after diagnosis. You can read a summary of this research in External Resources.

As your breathing deteriorates, you can choose to use NIV for longer during the day. This can help to manage your symptoms. This is discussed in more detail in the Living with NIV section, in Using NIV More Often.