Using myBreathing

myBreathing is an educational website about breathing support in MND/ALS. It gives an insight into the options available, with a focus on non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Through hearing real life experiences it can support you in making your own choice.

The key issues are covered by a range of short films and supporting information. They are presented in chronological order, but you can choose any playing order you like.

myBreathing has been developed within the NHS in the UK by Sheffield MND Care Centre and SITraN, with support from the North West Ventilation Unit, Manchester and the MND Association. The information reflects typical UK care provision, but will also be useful to a worldwide audience. It is part of the myMND project.

We are evaluating the myBreathing website. After you have spent some time using it, please consider filling in this survey. Many thanks for your support.