The first few days and weeks

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The first few days and weeks

"It can seem daunting taking NIV home. Everybody is different and learns at a different pace"
- Debbie, respiratory nurse

Starting non-invasive ventilation (NIV) can be a bit of a challenge and everyone is different in how they adapt to it. Some people find their stride quite quickly. For others it may take a few weeks of trial and error to get in the flow of things.

This video and the next few sections of the website give you some tips and real life insights that will help you find your way. Ann, James and Chris share their varied experiences, and tell us the things that helped them to adapt.

Trying on the mask and feeling the initial gust of air can be a bit of a surprise. Be aware that the NIV machine is designed to quickly recognise your breathing pattern and adapts to follow it within a few seconds. So try to breath normally and the machine should soon follow.

Top tip:  Try your NIV out in the day – when you don’t feel too sleepy and can see where the buttons are.