James – building up NIV steadily

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James and Steph

James – building up NIV steadily

"I think it's setting yourself little targets to hit, you need to build yourself up gradually"
- James

When this film was made, James had been using NIV for about 5 weeks. He didn’t feel ready to use it at night initially. Instead he’s been gradually building up his time on NIV every day, setting himself goals. He will then start using it in bed at night.

Many people start using NIV at night. This is when it can have the most benefit. But if you prefer to get used to it in the daytime, this is fine. Ask your care team for advice.

With baby Ralphie as the newest member of the family both James and his wife Steph were a bit worried about how he’d react to seeing daddy in a mask. But Ralphie has taken to it fine and still plays very happily with James while he’s using NIV in the daytime.

James’ top tip:  Make sure you know who to call in your care team if there are any issues with your machine or mask