Anatomy of an NIV machine

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Anatomy of an NIV machine

Get to know the key features of your NIV machine

There are several different types of NIV machines (also known as BiPAP) used in the UK. The type and model of machine you are given will depend on the service in your area. They all have some common features:

  • a port from which the air flows (attaches to the tube and mask)
  • a display screen showing the airflow
  • buttons for different functions
  • a mains power supply
  • a battery (built in or detachable)
  • option to attach a humidifier (moistens the air)

In this video you will see some of the more commonly used NIV machines in the UK. Different hospitals tend to provide different machines, possibly different to the ones shown here. As they are all generally similar, this film will help you learn more about NIV machines and the range of accessories available.

Top tip:  If you live a rural area prone to power cuts, your care team can ensure you have extra spare batteries.