Steph – being a carer and NIV

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Steph – being a carer and NIV

"It was hard to accept help, but with three kids and me working, it would be impossible without it"
- Steph, James' wife

James’ wife Steph has a lot contend with caring for James, two teenage sons and their young baby. She also recently went back to work part time. Being the kind of person who always copes, she tried to do it all. But she gradually realised some support would be helpful.

Steph and James are lucky to have lots of family who live nearby and pop in regularly. Steph’s dad comes in most days to support James and spend time with him. He is a dab hand with the hoover and mower.

They realised they needed care workers too. Initially they were sent several different carers. They spoke with their agency about having regular carers, and they have now built up a good rapport with them.

Top tip:  Some care agencies may send different carers. You may be able to request regular carers to ensure they get to understand your needs.