Julie’s transition to 24 hours

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Julie and Russ

Julie’s transition to 24 hours

"I was worried about going out in the mask, but after 3 or 4 times I wasn't bothered about other people"
- Julie

Julie tells us about the emotions and thoughts she experienced when she started using NIV 24 hours a day. She talks about how she gradually adjusted emotionally to wearing her mask all day, in front of her family and out in public.

The impact on daily life and the change in her image initially affected Julie. However, she feels the pay off has been worth it. Julie has done some great trips with her son Russ in the time since she went 24 hours.

Julie started using NIV 24 hours a day after a bout of pneumonia. For many people it can be a more gradual increase in breathlessness. The point when people may start using NIV 24 hours a day is different for everybody. It comes down to your own choice, comfort and symptom control.

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