Chris – bedtime with NIV

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Chris and Andrew

Chris – bedtime with NIV

"NIV becomes part of the routine, like cleaning your teeth"
- Chris

People most often start using NIV overnight, and this can trigger several worries. Will it be noisy? What if we want a kiss and a cuddle?

While the machine can sound quite loud when the mask is off or if there is a leak, most of the time it makes a gentle whooshing sound.

Top tip:  The air that escapes from the vent in the mask can be chilly, so keep an extra blanket handy.

The alarm may sound if there is a leak or another problem. It’s worth getting to know your machine and its buttons well, so you can troubleshoot in the middle of the night.

NIV doesn’t need to stop shared bedtime moments, like doing the crossword, sharing a cuddle or having sex. NIV is there to support you, not stop you. See our External Resources page for useful leaflets on MND/ALS and intimacy.